Photo Cred: Tony Avila

Photo Cred: Tony Avila

Hi, I am Elizabeth and I am a believer, a historian, a dreamer, a coffee drinker, a journal-er who is wading through the mistiness of life in search of all that is lovely in this world.

I have always been drawn to the idea of taking a leap of faith. Even the statement, “taking a leap of faith” appeals to who I am at the very core of me. A dancer since preschool, leaping through the air is a great passion of mine and faith… well… faith is my language. I am the most content when I am alone in prayer with Jesus. Not trying to be a weirdo; I just have to be honest.

Lately hope has become my new obsession. Maybe it is because we live in a world that seems to be inundated with the doom of impending apocalyptic scenarios that I have become infatuated with the idea of hope. Or maybe it’s because I am living way out of my comfort zone in a small country town just clinging onto a thread of hope that I will witness a miracle coming to fruition. Or maybe it’s because I am a stay at home mom just trying to survive through the daily grind while simultaneously attempting to renovate a 118 year old Victorian era house and supporting my husband in the start of his law practice. Breathe. Sigh. Hope.

When we moved into this house I discovered that there is an amazing beauty that is lurking around the mundane and trivial pursuits of life. In a way, this house has revived me. While I feel like we are constantly renovating the house, I think it’s actually the house that is piecing me back together through the labor of love. I guess that’s why I decided to start a blog about the quirky stories behind living in this old house. It was something that I felt just needed to be done. I don’t know where this is going but I couldn’t keep running from the fiery urge to share some of the beauty that surrounds this house even though the house sometimes feels like it is falling apart. But that’s exactly it: WE are beautiful even when we feel we are falling apart. This little project is my great leap of faith into the vast unknown that is the internet. I hope that you will visit and dance with me a little.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Elizabeth. Nice house indeed—and over a century old one, at that.
    Happy remodeling. 🙂


  2. It’s nearly impossible to find knowledgeable people in this particular topic, but you seem like you
    know what you’re talking about! Thanks


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